TCCON research activities at MPI-BGC receive further attention

8. Juni 2017
The Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) recently held its annual meeting in Paris/France from May 31 to June 2. TCCON is a global network of atmospheric measurement stations that observe key greenhouses gases (GHGs) in the total column from the ground to the top of the atmosphere (~100 km). They thus provide the calibration reference for increasingly used satellite GHG observations.

As a result of the annual meeting, the MPI-BGC's TCCON station on Ascension Island was upgraded from provisional to full TCCON status. The station, established and managed by principal investigator Dietrich Feist and his team at MPI-BGC, now fully belongs to the network of some 25 active TCCON stations worldwide. After 5 years of operation, the only missing requirement had been an aircraft in-situ profile measurement over this station. This was provided during the first NASA ATom campaign in August 2016.

Also, three Deputy Chairs were officially elected for improved organization of the TCCON network during this time of growing use of TCCON data. Among them is MPI-BGC scientist Dietrich Feist, chosen to support TCCON research activities in Europe and Africa.

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