Seminar: Manon Sabot


  • Datum: 21.09.2023
  • Uhrzeit: 14:30
  • Vortragende(r): Manon Sabot
  • Raum: Hörsaal (C0.001)
Unlocking vegetation responses to global change through optimality principles
Projected increases in the intensity, frequency, and duration of climate extremes like droughts and heatwaves could drive mass forest die-back. However, assessing future risk to terrestrial ecosystems remains a challenge because climate models demonstrate systematic errors in predicting plant function when resources become limiting (e.g., water).
To improve predictions of ecosystem resilience and the representation of feedbacks between the vegetation and the atmosphere, major model weaknesses in the formulation of plant responses to climatic stress must be resolved. Ecophysiological optimisation approaches have the potential to achieve this, by maximising fitness whilst accounting for both physiological and environmental constraints. In this talk, I will demonstrate the wide-ranging the scope for optimality theory to be incorporated into land surface models (LSMs), thus providing a pathway to improve the theoretical underpinning, the mechanistic realism, and the predictability of LSMs.

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