It now becomes extreme - climate change, drought, COVID19

16. Oktober 2020
News information based on a press release by DKK

All of a sudden the corona pandemic has changed our everyday life. For climate research, however, the lockdown also represents an (unintended) experiment. Less emissions, changed mobility and political crisis management - all opportunities to collect and evaluate new data. 18 experts of the German Climate Consortium reflect their very own findings in a new video series. The contribution by Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein, Director of the Department Biogeochemical Integration at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, is being published today.

Short-time work, blue skies without condensation trails, video conferencing, and bike boom - the Corona pandemic has radically changed our routines. Politicians have taken comprehensive measures, the economy and also each and every individual is struggling with the consequences. What do these changes mean for climate change and climate policy? This is what researchers of the member institutions of the German Climate Consortium (DKK) are investigating. 18 of them report their observations and assessments in the new video series "Real Science, Real Talk - Science on Climate and Corona".

The corona pandemic - an extreme event

In his research, Professor Dr. Markus Reichstein investigates extreme climatic events such as droughts and their effects on ecosystems and society. The corona pandemic is also an extreme event. It shows us how important it is to be resilient to extreme events. In the future, extreme climatic events will become more frequent, and we must be better prepared for this in advance. In his cotribution Markus Reichstein explains the role played by resilience to extreme events with respect to climate change.
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