Statement of the MPI-BGC Directors on the War against Ukraine

9. März 2022
We condemn the war of aggression and the associated breach of international law on the part of the Russian and Belarussian governments.

We fully support the statement of the German Alliance for Research, as well as the statement by the president of the MPG, Martin Stratmann, and comply with the sanctions imposed by the German government and its international partners.

We are in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and call for solidarity and support of the Ukrainian people. Specifically, we offer escaping Ukrainian researchers of our research area to be funded at MPI-BGC for suitable research projects on short notice and to be supported as much as possible in their integration on site.

People from all over the world, including Ukraine and Russia, have been working together collegially at and with the MPI-BGC for many years. Our joint projects aim to contribute to scientific understanding of the background and necessary adaptation to climate change as an urgent challenge to humanity - this is work that advances peace and stability.

Our global-scale research is particularly dependent on international exchange and peaceful cooperation. We run several important long-term projects with Russian partners to better understand climate change. In support of international sanctions, we cannot any longer continue to work on scientific collaborations with our partners as before, and any future interactions are subject to strict scrutiny. We regret the impact that these sanctions have on our Russian colleagues and their families. Our hope is that in the future it will again be possible to cooperate with our Russian colleagues. Climate change continues to be a challenge for society.

The situation will continue to change. For updated information from the Max Planck Society, please check out the home page (
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