PhD-Conference: Earth System Science

12. März 2014
The conference will cover all major domains of Earth system science, including biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and pedosphere. It will give you the possibility to present and discuss your research with the next generation of Earth system scientists. We aim for diversity in both the methods you apply and the scales of your research. So we welcome contributions ranging from molecular analysis to computer simulations and from soil aggregates to global analyses. Meeting your peers in this interdisciplinary context will give you the opportunity to obtain constructive feedback for your work and provide you with new inspirations for your career development.

The social dimension of Earth system science and global change will be covered in a dedicated evening talk by Anders Levermann (PIK): "Excitement for the good of society: science between mitigation of and adaptation to future climate change."

The conference will provide ample room for further interaction and informal meetings between sessions and during the barbecue.

Venue: MPI for Biogeochemistry
Register by January 16 – we are looking forward to seeing you!
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