Workshop: Modeling Soil Organic Matter Dynamics Using Radiocarbon and SoilR

10. Oktober 2016
During this 5-day workshop, participants will learn about using R Package SoilR to implement soil organic matter dynamic models using different sets of observations. This workshop will focus particularly on the use of radiocarbon to parameterize models.

Participants must bring their own datasets and have a clear research question they want to answer. At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have implemented their own model parameterized with their own data, addressing the initial question.

Types of datasets that are expected include, but are not limited to,
1) carbon stocks and respiration fluxes for specific sites,
2) soil organic matter fractions with radiocarbon values,
3) time series of soil respiration from incubation experiments that include isotopic values,
4) depth-profile radiocarbon values, among others.

For questions and participation requests, please send an email to Carlos A. Sierra (
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