BGC scientists (co-)organize EGU 2016 sessions

17. April 2016
Programme Group BG1 – General Biogeosciences

BG1.2 Application of stable isotopes in Biogeosciences (Gerd Gleixner)

BG1.6 Climate extremes, ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles (Markus Reichstein, Nuno Carvalhais, Dorothea Frank)

BG1.9 New advances in model development of biospheric processes (Carlos Sierra)

Programme Group BG2 – Terrestrial Biogeosciences

BG2.16 Plant traits and biogeochemical cycles (Jens Kattge, Markus Reichstein, Sönke Zaehle)

BG2.2 Carbon allocation in plants and ecosystems: mechanisms, responses and biogeochemical implication (Henrik Hartmann )

BG2.8 Developments in terrestrial biogeochemical models using model-data integration (Nuno Carvalhais, Thomas Wutzler)

Programme Group BG4 – Earth System Biogeosciences

BG4.1 Earth observation for monitoring and modeling the global energy, water and carbon cycles over land using model-data integration (Nuno Carvalhais)

Programme Group AS3 - Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols

AS3.11 Remote-Sensing of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane (Dietrich Feist)

Programme Group OS3 – Ocean Biogeochemistry, Biology, Biodiversity and Physical Coupling

OS3.1/BG3.8 Ocean biogeochemistry: novel approaches and synthesis (Jošt Valentin Lavric)

Programme Group IE4 – Interplay of Arctic climate and ice

IE4.5 Linking terrestrial, aquatic and oceanic carbon cycle processes in a changing Arctic climate (Mathias Goeckede)
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