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What we know about climate today. The updated version of the climate change fact paper is available.<br /><br /> 

Updated basic facts about climate change that are undisputed in the scientific community. more

Sönke Zaehle new Managing Director

As of September 1, 2022, Prof. Susan Trumbore has handed over the golden steering wheel to Prof. Sönke Zaehle, who will then be Managing Director (GfD) for the next two years. more

Climate change makes carbon sinks more vulnerable

This press release was kindly provided by ICOS ERIC Communications Office.

New data by ICOS confirms that natural carbon sinks such as the ocean and forests are not stable. Climate change makes these sinks more vulnerable, in some cases even turning them into carbon emitters. This compromises current climate targets and action plans. more

Global analysis identifies at-risk forests

This press release was kindly provided by the Universty of Utah

Forests are engaged in a delicate, deadly dance with climate change, sucking carbon dioxide out of the air with billions of leafy straws and hosting abundant biodiversity, as long as climate change, with its droughts, wildfires and ecosystem shifts, doesn’t kill them first. more

Flora Incognita exhibited at the Federal Government Open Day 2022 at the BMUV

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) once again welcomes its guests to the Federal Government Open Day on August 20 and 21, 2022. more

Widespread increasing vegetation sensitivity to soil moisture

Global vegetation and associated ecosystem services critically depend on soil moisture availability which has decreased in many regions during the last three decades. more

Tree species diversity under pressure

In a new global study of more than 46,000 species of trees, an international team of researchers, including Jens Kattge at MPI-BGC, has shown that many tree species are under substantial pressure and poorly protected. The research team has also studied how this situation can be improved by means of ambitious and smart designation of new protected natural areas. more

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