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Ehrle, A.; Kolle, O.; Tischer, A.; Trumbore, S. E.; Michalzik, B.: Effects of mound building Lasius flavus on organic carbon and nutrient fluxes in soils of temperate grassland ecosystems. Pedobiologia 84, 150701 (2021)
Ehrle, A.; Potthast, K.; Tischer, A.; Trumbore, S. E.; Michalzik, B.: Soil properties determine how Lasius flavus impact on topsoil organic matter and nutrient distribution in central Germany. Applied Soil Ecology 133, S. 166 - 176 (2018)
Ehrle, A.; Andersen, A. N.; Levick, S. R.; Schumacher, J.; Trumbore, S. E.; Michalzik, B.: Yellow-meadow ant (Lasius flavus) mound development determines soil properties and growth responses of different plant functional types. European Journal of Soil Biology 81, S. 83 - 93 (2017)
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