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Jetz, W.; Cavender-Bares, J.; Pavlick, R.; Schimel, D.; Davis, F. W.; Asner, G. P.; Guralnick, R.; Kattge, J.; Latimer, A. M.; Moorcroft, P. et al.; Schaepman, M. E.; Schildhauer, M. P.; Schneider, F. D.; Schrodt, F.; Stahl, U.; Ustin, S. L.: Monitoring plant functional diversity from space. Nature Plants 2 (3), 16024 (2016)
Schrodt, F.; Kattge, J.; Shan, H.; Fazayeli, F.; Joswig, J.; Banerjee, A.; Reichstein, M.; Bönisch, G.; Díaz, S.; Dickie, J. et al.; Gillison, A.; Karpatne, A.; Lavorel, S.; Leadley, P.; Wirth, C.; Wright, I. J.; Wright, S. J.; Reich, P. B.: BHPMF – a hierarchical Bayesian approach to gap-filling and trait prediction for macroecology and functional biogeography. Global Ecology and Biogeography 24 (12), S. 1510 - 1521 (2015)
Lloyd, J.; Domingues, T. F.; Schrodt, F.; Ishida, F. Y.; Feldpausch, T. R.; Saiz, G.; Quesada, C. A.; Schwarz, M.; Torello-Raventos, M.; Gilpin, M. et al.; Marimon, B. S.; Marimon-Junior, B. H.; Ratter, J. A.; Grace, J.; Nardoto, G. B.; Veenendaal, E.; Arroyo, L.; Villarroel, D.; Killeen, T. J.; Steiningera, M.; Phillips, O. L.: Edaphic, structural and physiological contrasts across Amazon Basin forest–savanna ecotones suggest a role for potassium as a key modulator of tropical woody vegetation structure and function. Biogeosciences 12 (22), S. 6529 - 6571 (2015)
Domingues, T. F.; Ishida, F. Y.; Feldpausch, T. R.; Grace, J.; Meir, P.; Saiz, G.; Sene, O.; Schrodt, F.; Sonké, B.; Taedoumg, H. et al.; Veenendaal, E. M.; Lewis, S.; Lloyd, J.: Biome‑specific effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on the photosynthetic characteristics of trees at a forest‑savanna boundary in Cameroon. Oecologia 178 (3), S. 659 - 672 (2015)
Musavi, T.; Mahecha, M. D.; Migliavacca, M.; Reichstein, M.; van de Weg, M. J.; van Bodegom, P. M.; Bahn, M.; Wirth, C.; Reich, P. B.; Schrodt, F. et al.; Kattge, J.: The imprint of plants on ecosystem functioning: A data-driven approach. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 43, S. 119 - 131 (2015)
Sandel, B.; Gutierrez, A.; Reich, P.; Schrodt, F.; Dickie, J.; Kattge, J.: Estimating the missing species bias in plant trait measurements. Journal of Vegetation Science 26 (5), S. 828 - 838 (2015)
Peh, K. S. -.; Schrodt, F.: Application of lessons from the Euro crisis to climate change. Conservation Biology 27 (3), S. 439 - 440 (2013)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Fazayeli, F.; Banerjee, A.; Kattge, J.; Schrodt, F.; Reich, P. B.: Uncertainty quantified matrix completion using Bayesian Hierarchical Matrix factorization. In: 13th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), S. 312 - 317. IEEE, Piscataway (2014)
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