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Publikationen von Santiago Botia

Zeitschriftenartikel (6)

Dias-Júnior, C. Q.; Carneiro, R. G.; Fisch, G.; D’Oliveira, F. A. F.; Sörgel, M.; Botia, S.; Machado, L. A. T.; Wolff, S.; dos Santos, R. M. N.; Pöhlker, C.: Intercomparison of planetary boundary layer heights using remote sensing retrievals and ERA5 reanalysis over Central Amazonia. Remote Sensing 14 (18), 4561 (2022)
Melack, J. M.; Basso, L. S.; Fleischmann, A. S.; Botia, S.; Guo, M.; Zhou, W.; Barbosa, P. M.; Amaral, J. H.F.; MacIntyre, S.: Challenges regionalizing methane emissions using aquatic environments in the Amazon Basin as examples. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering 10, 866082 (2022)
Botia, S.; Komiya, S.; Marshall, J.; Koch, T.; Galkowski, M.; Lavrič, J. V.; Gomes-Alves, E.; Walter, D.; Fisch, G.; Pinho, D. M. et al.; Nelson, B.; Martins, G.; Luijkx, I. T.; Koren, G.; Florentie, L.; de Araujo, A. C.; Sa, M.; Andreae, M. O.; Heimann, M.; Peters, W.; Gerbig, C.: The CO2 record at the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory: a new opportunity to study processes on seasonal and inter-annual scales. Global Change Biology 28 (2), S. 588 - 611 (2022)
Correa, P. B.; Dias-Júnior, C. Q.; Cava, D.; Sörgel, M.; Botia, S.; Acevedo, O.; Oliveira, P. E. S.; Manzi, A. O.; Machado, L. A. T.; Martins, H. d. S. et al.; Tsokankunku, A.; de Araújo, A. C.; Lavrič, J. V.; Walter, D.; Mortarini, L.: A case study of a gravity wave induced by Amazon forest orography and low level jet generation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 307, 108457 (2021)
Bezerra, V. L.; Dias-Júnior, C. Q.; Vale, R. S.; Santana, R. A.; Botia, S.; Manzi, A. O.; Cohen, J. C. P.; Martins, H. S.; Chamecki, M.; Fuentes, J. D.: Near-surface atmospheric turbulence in the presence of a squall line above a forested and deforested region in the Central Amazon. Atmosphere 12 (4), 461 (2021)
Botía, S. B.; Gerbig, C.; Marshall, J.; Lavrič, J. V.; Walter, D.; Pölhker, C.; Holanda, B.; Fisch, G.; de Araújo, A. C.; Sá, M. O. et al.; Teixeira, P. R.; Resende, A. F.; Dias-Junior, C. Q.; van Asperen, H.; Oliveira, P. S.; Stefanello, M.; Acevedo, O. C.: Understanding nighttime methane signals at the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO). Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20 (11), S. 6583 - 6606 (2020)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (1)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Botia, S.: Greenhouse gas exchange in the Amazon: Carbon dioxide and methane insights from the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory. Dissertation, 180 S. (2022)

Preprint (1)

van der Woude, A. M.; de Kok, R.; Smith, N.; Luijkx, I. T.; Botia, S.; Karstens, U.; Kooijmans, L. M. J.; Koren, G.; Meijer, H.; Steeneveld, G.-J. et al.; Storm, I.; Super, I.; Scheeren, B. A.; Vermeulen, A.; Peters, W.: Near real-time CO2 fluxes from CarbonTracker Europe for high resolution atmospheric modeling. (2022)
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