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Publikationen von Qing-Fang Bi

Zeitschriftenartikel (4)

Liu, X.; Wang, H.; Wu, Y.; Bi, Q.-F.; Ding, K.; Lin, X.: Manure application effects on subsoils: Abundant taxa initiate the diversity reduction of rare bacteria and community functional alterations. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 174, 108816 (2022)
Jin, B.-J.; Liu, X.-P.; LeRoux, X.; Bi, Q.-F.; Li, K.-J.; Wu, C.-Y.; Sun, C.-L.; Zhu, Y.-G.; Lin, X.-Y.: Biochar addition regulates soil and earthworm gut microbiome and multifunctionality. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 173, 108810 (2022)
Li, K.; Bi, Q.-F.; Liu, X.; Wang, H.; Sun, C.; Zhu, Y.; Lin, X.: Unveiling the role of dissolved organic matter on phosphorus sorption and availability in a 5-year manure amended paddy soil. Science of the Total Environment 838, 155892, S. part 1 (2022)
Zhang, M.; Jin, B.-J.; Bi, Q.-F.; Li, K.-J.; Sun, C.-L.; Lin, X.-Y.; Zhu, Y.-G.: Variations of earthworm gut bacterial community composition and metabolic functions in coastal upland soil along a 700-year reclamation chronosequence. Science of the Total Environment 804, 149994 (2022)
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