Collecting water and sediment samples at Tangra Yumco, Tibetan Plateau

Technical Reports

These Technical Reports were published by the Institute between 2000 and 2015. They describe important and common measurement methods and technical procedures and have not undergone a peer review process.
The series was not continued and is only available archivally.
J.M. Sun,  K.E. Kohfeld and S. P. Harrison
Editors: Karen E. Kohfeld and Sandy P. Harrison
G. Yu, S.P. Harrison, B. Xue
Martin Heimann and Stefan Körner
Y. Chen, G. Churkina, M. Heimann
Kristina Trusilova
Kristina Trusilova and Galina Churkina
Y. Chen, G. Churkina, M. Heimann
P. Porada, S. Arens, C. Buendia, F. Gans, S. J. Schymanski and A. Kleidon
Veronika Beck
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