Flask Probenaufgabesystem (BGC-Luftfalle). Hier werden 
Proben von Messstationen aus aller Welt gemessen. (© A. Schroll/BGC)


Zeitschriftenartikel (6)

Pacheco-Labrador, J.; Perez‑Priego, O.; El-Madany, T. S.; Julitta, T.; Rossini, M.; Guan, J.-H.; Moreno, G.; Carvalhais, N.; Martín, M. P.; Gonzalez-Cascon, R. et al.; Kolle, O.; Reichstein, M.; van der Tolg, C.; Carrara, A.; Martini, D.; Hammer, T. W.; Moossen, H.; Migliavacca, M.: Multiple-constraint inversion of SCOPE. Evaluating the potential of GPP and SIF for the retrieval of plant functional traits. Remote Sensing of Environment 234, 111362 (2019)
Wang, C.; Bendle, J. A.; Greene, S. E.; Griffiths, M. L.; Huang, J.; Moossen, H.; Zhang, H.; Ashley, K.; Xie, S.: Speleothem biomarker evidence for a negative terrestrial feedback on climate during Holocene warm periods. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 525, 115754 (2019)
Brewer, P. J.; Kim, J. S.; Lee, S.; Tarasova, O. A.; Viallon, J.; Flores, E.; Wielgosz, R. I.; Shimosaka, T.; Assonov, S.; Allison, C. E. et al.; van der Veen, A. M. H.; Hall, B.; Crotwelli, A. M.; Rhoderick, G. C.; Hodges, J. T.; Mohn, J.; Zellweger, C.; Moossen, H.; Ebert, V.; Griffith, D. W. T.: Advances in reference materials and measurement techniques for greenhouse gas atmospheric observations. Metrologia 56, 034006 (2019)
Greule, M.; Moossen, H.; Geilmann, H.; Brand, W. A.; Keppler, F.: Methyl sulfates as methoxy isotopic reference materials for delta13C and delta2H measurements. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 33 (4), S. 343 - 350 (2019)
Koester, D.; Villalobos, I. M. S.; Jochmann, M. A.; Brand, W. A.; Schmidt, a. T. C.: New concepts for the determination of oxidation efficiencies in liquid chromatography isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 91 (8), S. 5067 - 5073 (2019)
Rodionov, A.; Lehndorff, E.; Stremtan, C. C.; Brand, W. A.; Königshoven, H.-P.; Amelung, W.: Spatial microanalysis of natural 13C/12C abundance in environmental samples using laser ablation-isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 91 (9), S. 6225 - 6232 (2019)
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