View over the holm oaks of Extremadura Spain, near Majadas del Tietar. The picture was taken during the greatest heat period Spain has ever experienced. Among other temperatures, 47 °C prevailed in the shade.
Dried grass on the ground, even under the numerous holm oaks, against a milky blue sky. Left in the picture a holm oak under the numerous buckets hang in which acorns are collected.

Trip to Majadas July 2022

Calibration of Licors and repairs of Soilchambers, Lysimeters and El-Barra

In the worst heat week of Spain at 45 degrees in the shade, there were some repairs and calibrations on the examination site in Spain

  • Repair of El Barra by Swiss working group -> still not working, probably software error, because it was just too hot for computers, metal of the rack was so hot that you could hardly touch it, plastic disk warped from heat
  • Calibration of all measuring systems
  • Repair of soil respiration system at north tower
  • Lysimeter repair by company KT
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