Photograph taken from the bottom of a flowering meadow in a grazed holm oak grove (dehesa) in Spain, near the town of Albuera. In the center of the image, T.-S. El-Madany is working on the top of the mobile tower to perform maintenance on the Eddy covariance measurement device. In the


Info about current projects and trips of the group

Here you will learn about the current tasks of the group, the last trips and about the preparation of upcoming projects.

Wartungsreise  zum Höhepunkt der Vegetationsperiode in der Dehesa [more]
Together with our Brazilian and Mainz colleagues, we are contributing to the infrastructure that enables the researchers and workers there to carry out their activities on site with the greatest possible safety and reliability.
During this trip, we increased safety when climbing the 300 metre tower, carried out repairs and maintenance on many measuring devices and equipment and installed a fog collector (a generous loan from the University of Münster).... collected samples, met colleagues in Manaus and then some of our group travelled on to Tanguro (Brazil).

Solar-induced fluorescence or SIF workshop [more]
Welcome to the FieldEx Team! [more]
Action of the Jena - Saale-Holzland Civic Foundation [more]
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