Eddy covariance measurement over soy in Tanguro, Brazil on a bright day.
In the foreground on the left a white weather hut for a temperature-humidity sensor, in the middle the intake pipe for air, which is led to the gas analyzer and directly beside the intake funnel the 3D anemometer for the determination of the wind direction. In the background a huge light green yellow flowering soybean field, bordered by forest on the horizon.


Various equipment for field, laboratory and calibration

Here is a short and incomplete, but meaningful overview of the equipment of the Field Experiments and Instrumentation Department. Much of the equipment is also loaned out by our department to other groups for campaigns and experiments.

Laboratory equipment

  • Basic equipment for electrotechnical and electronic works (2 electronic workbenches)
  • Special devices for charging and discharging batteries
  • Calibrators for electrical quantities Metrology for field bus systems
  • Pneumatic test equipment
  • Small homemade wind tunnel for testing purposes
  • Homemade gas exchange unit and flow meter for calibration of CO2/H2O
  • Gas analyzers under various environmental conditions
  • Various generators from 800 to 4000 W for gasoline, diesel or propane gas

Field equipment

  • A range of components for solar systems
  • Micrometeorological instruments and sensors
  • Gas analyzers for CO2, CH4 and H2O measurements
  • Sensors for CO2 measurements
  • Various data loggers
  • Various computers and laptops for data acquisition
  • Tower construction material and mounting material for sensors
  • Drone/UAV

Calibration equipment

  • Bath cryostat (HAAKE C41/N6) for calibration of temperature sensors, the temperature range covers -40 to 50 °C, the bath volume is 15 l
  • Temperature and humidity chamber (ESPEC, PSL-2K), the temperature range is from -70 to 150 °C, the humidity range is from 20 to 98 % relative humidity (minimum dew point temperature is 0 °C), chamber volume is 306 l.
  • Climate. and altitude chamber or environmental simulation chamber (SIEMENS, CH3030), the temperature range is -30 to 50 °C, the humidity range is between 10 to 95 % relative humidity (minimum dew point temperature is -10 °C), the pressure range is from 400 to 1200 hPa, the chamber volume is 300 l. The chamber offers 8 gas inlets/outlets and a variety of pressure-tight electrical connections.
  • Reference instrument for temperature: Precision thermometer DP251 (OMEGA)
  • Reference instrument for humidity: DEWMET dew point mirror hygrometers (MICHELL INSTRUMENTS)
  • Test instrument for pressure: differential pressure transducer DPI740 (DRUCK)
  • PC-based control of calibration devices and reference instruments for automated calibration of various sensors
  • Salt chamber calibration set for capacitive humidity sensors (VAISALA)

    Dew point generator (LICOR, LI610)


  • Digital cameras
  • GPS receivers, compasses, altimeters
  • Satellite telephones
  • Laser telescope
  • Biometric measuring devices
  • Clothing, rescue equipment, transport aids
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