Global CO2 emissions projected for 2015

7. Dezember 2015
The Global Carbon Project recently provided an update of the state of the global carbon cycle, co-authored by BGC scientists Sönke Zaehle and Christian Rödenbeck.

The combined key results show that in 2014, the growth rate of atmospheric CO2 remained high, but was reduced below the average of the last decade due to a slight decline in the growth rate of fossil fuel emissions and an increased land carbon uptake. Preliminary data analyses further suggest that in 2015, the growth rate of fossil fuel emissions has further declined.

Original publication:
Le Quéré, C, R Moriarty, RM Andrew, JG Canadell, S Sitch, JI Korsbakken, P Friedlingstein, GP Peters, RJ Andres, TA Boden, RA Houghton, JI House, RF Keeling, P Tans, A Arneth, DCE Bakker, L Barbero, L Bopp, J Chang, F Chevallier, LP Chini, P Ciais, M Fader, R Feely, T Gkritzalis, I Harris, J Hauck, T Ilyina, AK Jain, E Kato, V Kitidis, K Klein Goldewijk, C Koven, P Landschützer, SK Lauvset, N Lefèvre, A Lenton, ID Lima, N Metzl, F Millero, DR Munro, A Murata, JEMS Nabel, S Nakaoka, Y Nojiri, K O'Brien, A Olsen, T Ono, FF Pérez, B Pfeil, D Pierrot, B Poulter, G Rehder, C Rödenbeck, S Saito, U Schuster, J Schwinger, R Séférian, T Steinhoff, BD Stocker, AJ Sutton, T Takahashi, B Tilbrook, IT van der Laan-Luijkx, GR van der Werf, S van Heuven, D Vandemark, N Viovy, A Wiltshire, S Zaehle, and N Zeng (2015) Global Carbon Budget 2015, Earth System Science Data,
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