Tina Trautmann awarded for Master’s thesis

10. November 2017
In her work at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Tina Trautmann adapted a simple hydrological model to various satellite-based measurements such as the amount of snow and the terrestrial reservoir. She then used this model to study the spatial and temporal variability of water reservoirs in the snow-influenced northern latitudes. The fundamental questions were to what extent a simple model is able to map the observed patterns of hydrological variables and how the uncertainties of the observation data are best considered in the model optimization. For this purpose, the young scientist tested various modeling approaches and methods of model optimization in order to finally select the most suitable one.

Every year, the Friedrich Schiller University honors its best graduates. The exam prizes are awarded by the different faculties and are endowed with 250 € each.

The title of the master thesis is 'Macroscopic diagnostic modeling of the hydrological cycle: Understanding the dynamics of water pools in snow affected regions.' Mrs. Trautmann continues her studies as part of a doctoral thesis in the Department of Biogeochemical Integration at the MPI for Biogeochemistry.
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