What we know about climate today. The updated version of the climate change fact paper is available.

September 28, 2022

Press release of the German Climate Consortium

Heat and drought in Europe, floods in Pakistan and record temperatures in India show: Climate change continues to intensify, often faster than previously assumed. This is also shown by the new Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC. The latest data and findings from this and other studies of recent months have now been incorporated into the fact paper "What we know about the climate today". A separate chapter is devoted to the latest developments in Germany.

The updated fact paper was published today on the occasion of the Extreme Weather Congress in Hamburg. Prof. Dr. Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Chairwoman of the DKK, said: "Fortunately, climate change is now widely communicated. However, I am not sure whether the wealth of information automatically means that the irreversibility, unprecedented speed and dimensions of climate change can always be correctly classified. The fact paper offers orientation here. Sober and focused on the essentials, it offers first-hand science."

In clear and understandable language, the relevant connections to climate change and its consequences for humans and nature are summarized. They provide answers to questions such as: What are causes of the changes? How do they manifest themselves? And what do we have to prepare for in the future? In 4 chapters and on only 29 pages, the interested public receives a compact overview of findings that are undisputed in science.

The fact paper is published by the Deutschen Klima-Konsortium, together with its partners, the Helmholtz-Klima-Initiative, the German Weather Service ( Deutscher Wetterdienst), the German Meteorological Society ( Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft), the Extreme Weather Congress ( ExtremWetterKongress ) and klimafakten.de .

The new version is now available online on the DKK website (in German language): www.deutsches-klima-konsortium.de/de/basisfakten

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