EGU 2023: European Geosciences Union General Assembly

  • Beginn: 23.04.2023
  • Ende: 28.04.2023
  • Ort: Vienna, Austria and Online
  • Gastgeber: European Geoscienes Union (EGU)
EGU 2023: European Geosciences Union General Assembly
The General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) brings together geoscientists from all over the world. It traditionally takes place in April in Vienna. Numerous scientists from our institute not only participate but also co-organize sessions.


Amazon forest – a natural laboratory of global significance

Convener: Laynara F. LugliECS | Co-conveners: Eliane Gomes AlvesECS, Santiago BotíaECS, Carlos Alberto Quesada

BG1.7 (Co-organized by AS3/OS2)

Regional Budgets, Trends, and Drivers of Major Greenhouse Gases

Convener: Ana BastosECS | Co-conveners: Ben Poulter, Nicolas Gruber, Philippe Ciais, Jens Daniel MüllerECS


High latitude terrestrial biogeochemistry: Bridging scales across the Arctic

Convener: Martijn PallandtECS | Co-conveners: Anna-Maria VirkkalaECS, Avni MalhotraECS

BG2.1 (Co-organized by GMPV1, co-sponsored by EAG)

Application of Stable Isotopes in Biogeosciences

Convener: Michael E. Böttcher | Co-conveners: Kirstin Dähnke, Gerd Gleixner, Anne-Désirée Schmitt


Opening the black box of NOM: Novel analytical techniques reveal the multifaceted nature of Natural Organic Matter in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

Convener: Simon A. Schroeter

Co-conveners: Carsten Simon, Jeffrey Hawkes, Nicholle Bell, Ljiljana Paša-Tolić


Plant traits, adaptation, and biogeochemical cycles – from measurements to models

Convener: Jens Kattge | Co-conveners: Michael Bahn, Oskar Franklin, Han WangECS


Novel methods for bridging modelling and understanding of carbon, energy, and water fluxes from leaf to continental scales

Convener: Mana Gharun | Co-conveners: Alexander J. Winkler, Gregory Duveiller, M. Piles, Rossella Guerrieri


Terrestrial ecosystem responses to global change: integrating experiments, ecosystem observations, and models to understand carbon, nutrient, and water cycling

Convener: Benjamin Stocker | Co-conveners: Teresa Gimeno, Karin Rebel, Sönke Zaehle

BG3.17 (Co-organized by CL3)

Land use, land management, and land cover change effects on surface biogeophysics, biogeochemistry, and climate

Convener: Alan Di Vittorio | Co-conveners: Ryan Bright, Gregory Duveiller, Thomas O'Halloran, Julia Pongratz


Present and future global vegetation dynamics and carbon stocks from observations and models

Convener: Thomas Pugh | Co-conveners: Ana BastosECS, Martin Thurner, Alienor Lavergne, Matthias Forkel


Remote Sensing of Vegetation Biodiversity

Convener: Javier Pacheco-LabradorECS | Co-conveners: Gregory Duveiller, Mirco Migliavacca, Micol Rossini, Giulia TagliabueECS


Climate change in the Mediterranean region: understanding the processes, assessing the impacts, designing adaptation strategies

Convener: Andrea Toreti | Co-conveners: Andreia RibeiroECS, Ana BastosECS, Katrin Schroeder, Piero Lionello


Meet the editors (2): how to publish and peer-review

Convener: Sophie F. von FrommECS| Co-conveners: Steffen A. SchweizerECS, Aayush SrivastavaECS, Marcus Schiedung, Rachel OienECS


Climate Extremes & Risk: impacts, nature-based disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation

Convener: Carla Ferreira | Co-conveners: Jana Sillmann, Zahra Kalantari, Markus Reichstein, Haozhi Pan, Simron Singh, Karen Sudmeier-Rieux


Science and Climate activism (part 1): Community debate

Convener: Convener: Sophie F. von Fromm | Co-conveners: Felix Cremer, Eliane Gomes AlvesECS, Ana BastosECS

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