Camp in the tundra of Canada, the nearest major city is Inuvik on the Yukon.
Here, too, it is much too warm in summer 22. You see a brown grassy landscape in front of a bright blue sky. To the left of the picture are 3 large barrel tents in orange and white and to the right of them or in front of them are 5 smaller geodesic tents in yellow and orange. The camp is surrounded by a pasture fence and in the middle there is a small betting station. In the background you can see a few small corners with snow remains.

Trip to Canada June 2022

Installation of bottom breathing chambers for Q-Arctic

Global warming is most pronounced in the Arctic region. The release of greenhouse gases from Arctic soils is increasing due to global warming. This may turn the Arctic from a carbon sink to a future source. Two young scientists from Matthias Göckede's research group are studying this topic and plan to install soil respiration chambers in northern Canada for this purpose.

The ERC-funded Q-Arctic Synergy Grant (2011-2027) will develop a next-generation coupled land surface model.

Matthias Göckede

Kseniia Ivanova

Nathalie Triches

Unfortunately the trip was not under a good star, already before the trip there were visa problems and in the run-up a part of the research group fell ill and then also some on site. Nevertheless, a smaller team was able to install a measuring transect with the support of Canadian colleagues.

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