20 years of atmospheric research using commercial airliners

22. Mai 2014
Commercial airliners have been used to deliver long-term data on the composition of our atmosphere since 20 years. Within the IAGOS project Dr. Christoph Gerbig from MPI for Biogeochemistry is involved in the development of high-accuracy measurement systems of atmospheric trace gases on board of aircraft. These special instruments must be suited for the aircraft environment, taking into account vibrations, weight limitations, and strict safety regulations. The abundant data provided by airliners are included in atmospheric transport models. They thus help to validate data gained from satellites or ground measurements that aim at better understanding the gas exchange between the atmosphere and the land surface.

Achievement, results, and the future of the European infrastructure projects IAGOS and its ancestor MOZAIC have now been discussed and commemorated in the symposium held in Toulouse on May 22, 2014.
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