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February/ January 2021

Cherskii (Siberia) 2019 - (M.Kunz)

  • q-arctic: new project by Dr. M. Göckede and Prof. M. Heimann.....quantify effects of disturbances on feedbacks between Arctic permafrost and global climate - technical support by our group - among others sensors and energy supply
  • Corona crisis: working in shifts and from home, using social media
  • Testing goniometer
  • Maintenance and repair at field stations
  • Renewing PSA equipment
  • Planning rescue training in July combined with First aid course
  • Planning for ATTO Trip as soon as possible(Brasil), for Zotto Trip in September (Russia) as well as Planning Cherskii Trip in September and all the other stations when possible
  • Remote programming of cameras in Spain
  • Planning and purchasing für C3/C4 fields
  • Planning and purchase for repair of lots of sensors at Jena Experiment site
  • Shipping of flasks from Zotto
  • Farewell and Thanks to BODO WIlD

December/ November 2020

Maintenance Gebesee - (O. Kolle)

  • Installation measurement setup in Greenhouse chamber 1 - sucvcessfull measurements - cooperation with MPI Mainz
  • Testing goniometer
  • Trainings
  • Revision of the climbing equipment
  • Corona crisis: working in shifts and from home, using social media
  • Jena Experiment - Maintenance/ support website
  • Maintenance and repair at field stations

October/ September 2020

Rescue Training - (St.Schmidt)

  • Rescue Training at Wetzstein Site held by Figuth Alpin company - people from our institute as well as people from the MPI-C in Mainz
  • Revision of the climbing equipment and preparation for shipping as well as preparation of the customs lists... with the help of a student worker
  • Trip to Spain - Albuera trip cancelt, due to rising numbers of corona
  • Corona crisis: working in shifts and from home, using social media
  • Trip to Linde - modem exchange and UAS flights
  • Maintenance and repair at field stations
  • Reanimation of chamber1 and 5 in the greenhouse
  • Help with the harvest at the field plots around the greenhouse and covering of those fields
  • Planned handover of the goniometer project
  • Farewell of our longtime employee Harald S.
  • Lecture for IMPR Schools
  • Demonstration of the weather station and lecture for the winners of the auction of priceless opportunities
  • Support sustainability day

August/ July 2020

Hermannsberg - (M.Hertel)
  • Construction of leaf traps
  • New PC for Jena Experiment
  • Setting up the new project room
  • Corona crisis: working in shifts and from home, using social media
  • Prearrangement for repair work at site in Spain -Albuera
  • Support for Göttingen --- Light sensors
  • Lightning detector tests - weather station roof
  • Calibration of HMP sensors
  • Testing project management application
  • HMP Sensor repair at Gebesee site and maintenance trips to all sites
  • Conversion at Bechstedt location
  • JENAEXPERIMENT - sensor exchange - student holiday workers
  • UAS flights - Wetzstein and other places at Thuringian Forest
  • Support Quincy Experiment at Greenhouse chamber
  • Review PSA (climbing equipment) and obtain a replacement for our group
  • Planning for ATTO (Brasil)
  • Planning and transport for Zotto (Russia)
  • Goniometer test
  • Support C3/C4 experiment at Jena Experiment and greenhouse
  • Planning of greenhouse resources for new construction phase in the future
  • repair work at labs
  • construction of flask samplers
  • Various trainings
  • Care for pupil (seminar paper)

June 2020

Wetzstein - (K.Hippler)
  • Corona crisis: working in shifts and from home, using social media
  • Sensor repair at Gebesee site
  • JENAEXPERIMENT - new logger
  • Wetzstein - tree felling, Licor replacement
  • Climbing equipment for ATTO
  • Planning for ATTO (Brasil)
  • Planning for Zotto (Russia)
  • Goniometer test
  • Care for pupil (seminar paper)

Mai 2020

  • Corona crisis: working in shifts and from home, using social media
  • Repair work and Computer exchange at JENAEXPERIMENT
  • Wetzstein - repair and planning for rescue training
  • Solving problem for Tanguro (Brasil)
  • Planning for ATTO (Brasil)
  • Planning for Zotto (battery charching unit)
  • Goniometer test
  • Care for pupil (seminar paper)

News Archive


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