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March 2020

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busbar lift ATTO - (M. Hertel)

  • Corona crisis: working in shifts and from home, using social media
  • Wetzstein - LICOR repair
  • Measuring system for Majadas
  • Problems with powering in Spain due to crisis
  • Solving problem for Tanguro (Brasil)
  • Follow-up ATTO
  • Planning for Zotto (motors, fuel contract)
  • Goniometer test
  • Care for pupil (seminar paper)

January/ February 2020

busbar lift ATTO - (M. Hertel)
  • ATTO trip- lift - electrical attachements
  • Wetzstein - LICOR replacement, pump repair
  • Fair - IPM
  • planning Zotto for March
  • Goniometer test
  • Care for pupil
  • Preparations

November/ December 2019

K. Hippler at ATTO - (St.Schmidt)
  • Gebesee - repair Profile unit -or logger, laptop exchange
  • Wetzstein - laptop exchange
  • Fair occupational safety, Fair elevators and safety
  • ATTO - lift attachement in November, mounting innotch safety rail in December
  • Zotto - Visitors from Zotto in November, bringing broken LI7200
  • Biowiese - positive valuation, planning of renewing hardware (tubes, pumps etc.), repair work and hose cleaning
  • Care for pupil
  • Preparations LNoS

September/ October 2019

Maintenance ZOTTO - (K. Kübler)
  • ZOTTO - Maintenance work on the tower, compressor repair
  • 2 Weeks Greenland (Flasksampler)
  • ATTO-Meeting at INPA in Manaus
  • Repair work in Majadas (Spain)
  • Planning a bigger UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) for ATTO - having a look at offers and opportunities at the destination

August/ Juli 2019

UAV Test - (N.Hempel)
  • 2 Weeks Greenland (Flasksampler)
  • Organising professional rescue trainings by Skylotek for crews at ATTO Tower
  • Transport of measuring devices (gas analysers) to Manaus (Brazil)
  • Licor 6800 goes to Brazil, chemikals: transport of dangerous goods beforehand
  • Minirhizotron - final phase
  • Goniometer building
  • INVENTA - ( inclination and acceleration sensors for trees in Brazil) - lightning protection system required
  • ZOTTO - Transport waits for inspection by customs
  • Transpotable CO2 measuring devicest - LI850 in Pelicase
  • UAV - Testflights with IOF - diverse camera types, tests for Flora Inkognita
  • UAV Back-Up-script
  • Planning Long Night of Science
  • Student support
  • Various new PHD projekts
  • Rescue exercise - Wetzstein
  • Trips to Tanguro (Instandsetzung Messtürme), ZOTTO and Bremen

Juni 2019

Tanguro - (M. Hertel)
  • KW24 Tanguro
  • Trip to Zotto 17.06.-02.07.19
  • 02.07.19 - 17.07.19 rip to Cherskii
  • 23.07.19 rip to Cherskii (Projekt Karel Castro Morales, FSU)
  • Minirhizotron - Finalization of 9 pieces in probably a week or less (KW 23)
  • Goniometer - manufacturing
  • INVENTA (inclination and acceleration sensors for trees in Brasil)
  • ZOTTO - Transport
  • ATTO - runners test for safety rai
  • 16.-18.09.19 ATTO-Meeting at INPA in Manaus
  • Planning UAV-System for ATTO
  • Kaltenborn - problems with power supply
  • Planning Long Night Of Siences (UAV-Workshop + measurement flight; "CO_2-scrubber")
  • Softwaretest projektmanagement
  • provide storage space for BAIE-Group (Mirco Migliavacca)
  • Work on greenhouse fields

News Archive


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