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Juni 2019

Mehrstedt - (K. Hippler)
  • KW24 Tanguro (Instandsetzung Messtürme)
  • Trip to Zotto 17.06.-02.07.19
  • 02.07.19 - 17.07.19 rip to Cherskii
  • 23.07.19 rip to Cherskii (Projekt Karel Castro Morales, FSU)
  • Minirhizotron - Finalization of 9 pieces in probably a week or less (KW 23)
  • Goniometer - manufacturing
  • INVENTA (inclination and acceleration sensors for trees in Brasil)
  • ZOTTO - Transport
  • ATTO - runners test for safety rai
  • 16.-18.09.19 ATTO-Meeting at INPA in Manaus
  • Planning UAV-System for ATTO
  • Kaltenborn - problems with power supply
  • Planning Long Night Of Siences (UAV-Workshop + measurement flight; "CO_2-scrubber")
  • Softwaretest projektmanagement
  • provide storage space for BAIE-Group (Mirco Migliavacca)
  • Work on greenhouse fields

May 2019

Mehrstedt - (K. Hippler)
  • Azizi Experiment
  • Retreat - at Linde (8-10 May)
  • Mehrstedt - tower alignment
  • Rain gauge - test at greenhouse field
  • Goniometer
  • Travel planning and shipping - Zotto, Tanguro, Cherskii, Atto
  • Planning for rescue training
  • Healt care - certificate of fitness
  • Greenhouse - Chamber 1 (VOC measurements)
  • Greenhouse - flowerbeds...unroofing, milling and seeding

April/ March 2019

UAV - (M. Kunz)
  • UAV Flights - Collaboration with IOF at JENA EXPERIMENT Site
  • Building of 9 more Minirhizotron camera systems
  • Travel to Zotto (Russia) - repair and restart equipment for the new growing season
  • Travel to Majadas (Spain)- dismantling field equipment with K. Morris, repair of sapflow sensors
  • Support of different PhD students projects (M. Azizi, I. Chanca, D. Marra, R.Nair, A. Apostolakis, L)
  • Repairing modules Jena Experiment, support in planning equipment for new measurements
  • Planning equipment and tour for Tanguro (Brasil), where two towers got destroyed by storm event
  • Regular maintenance at stations, winter wheat at Gebesee field
  • Goniometer
  • Planning rescue at ATTO
  • Further training of staff
  • Possible logging at Wetzstein - mounting LICOR 7200
  • Conversion winch on car

January/ February 2019

Atto - INNOTECH Rail (S. Schmidt)
  • Trips to Atto (Brasil) - maintenanace and compilation of the experimental setup, attachment safety rail (INNOTECH®) and lift attachment (HIGHSTEP SYSTEMS)
  • Preparations for phyto-chamber experiment of M. Azizi
  • GH - growing palms for VOC experiment, start of new experiment in chamber 5,
  • Regular maintenance at stations, winter wheat at Gebesee field
  • Disassembly of the stations Bechstedt and Kaltenborn
  • Goniometer - development and assembly
  • Inhouse training course on tower climbing and rescuing from height
  • Support experiment of D. Marra
  • Support greenhouse experiment E. Gomes-Alves
  • UAV Flights - Collaboration wiht IOF

News Archive


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