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Jena Beutenberg


City of Jena

Latitude 50.91
Longitude 11.56
Elevation 220 m a.s.l.


  • Since 2003 until now
  • Meteorology
  • Sensor tests
  • Instrument comparison
  • Rescue training

Description & History

The sensors for the meteorological station of the MPI for Biogeochemistry are carried by a 10 m high mast on the roof of the institute building. It is equipped with various sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, PAR, precipitation including its spectral distribution, CO2-concentration and a weather web cam (see below). Soil temperature and soil moisture are measured in the patches behind the greenhouse (see weather).

The mast also serves for intercomparison of sensors and instruments and is sometimes used for the rescue training of those institute members who have to climb and work on masts and towers up to heights of 300 m.

Variables & Instruments


  • Eddy covariance - CO2, water vapor, momentum, heat (Gill R3, LI6262)


  • Wind velocity and wind direction - 2D-ultrasonic-anemometer, Thies
  • Wind velocity - cup anemometer A100R, Campbell Scientific
  • Wind direction - wind vane W200P, Vector Instruments
  • Air pressure - pressure transmitter PTB101B, Vaisala
  • Air temperature and humidity - temperature-humidity-sensor KPK1_5-ME, Mela
  • Precipitation - distrometer Parsivel, OTT
  • Photosynthetically active radiation - PAR Lite, Kipp & Zonen
  • Diffuse solar radiation - shadow ringed pyranometer CM11, Kipp & Zonen

Soil conditions

  • Soil temperature in 4 profiles having 5 depths - soil temperature sensors PT100, home-made
  • Soil moisture in 4 profiles with 5 depths - soil moisture probes ML-2x, Delta-T
  • Soil heat flux and soil water by Gleixner group

Data acquisition

  • Meteorological data - multiplexer AM16/32, Campbell Scientific
  • Flux data - datalogger CR1000, Campbell Scientific
  • Weather - digital web camera

Data from our Instituts weather site are linked to: