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Ambarchik (Russland)


Siberian tundra

Latitude 69.62
Longitude 162.30


  • Gas measurements CH4/CO2/H2O
  • Meteorology



Sergei A. Zimov, Northeast Science Station (NESS), Cherskii, RU

Description & History

In former times the rural locality in Siberia at the coast of the Arctic Ocean was a transit camp for the Gulag system. The village Ambarchik played a supporting role in the Russian exploration of the Arctic.

Since 1935 up to now it is Polar research and meteorological station. The weather station is maintained by two persons. Every 3 hours they read the meteorological data and send them to the Meteorological Service

In Summer 2014 in collaboration with Sergei A. Zimov a tower was set up for continuous monitoring of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane.

The station is equipped with a tower of 27 m height and a Picarro G2301 analyzer for high precision measurements of CO2, CH4 and H2O, along with meteorological instrumentation. The Ambarchik station will help shed light on permafrost-related processes in the global carbon cycle. Due to its coastal location it is capable of capturing atmospheric signatures of carbon exchange processes from the Arctic Ocean and from the Siberian Tundra.

The project is part of the PhD-project of Friedemann Reum of the IPAS-group ('Integrating surface-atmosphere Exchange Processes Across Scales - Modeling and Monitoring) led by Mathias Goeckede.

Variables & Instruments

Concentration measurements

  • Mixing ratios - CH4/CO2/H2O - Picarro (CRDS)


  • Wind velocity - Ultrasonic-anemometer 2D - uSonic-2, Metek
  • Airpressure – Pressure transmitter 278 (CS100), Setra
  • Air temperature and humidity - air temperature and rel humidity sensor KPK1_6-ME-H38, Mela

Soil conditions

  • Soil temperatur - PT100

Data aquisition

  • Meteorological data - Datalogger CR3000, Campbell Scientific
  • Picarro - industrial computer

Publications/ Presentations

Friedeman Reum: "A new window on Arctic greenhouse gases: Continuous atmospheric observations from Ambarchik on the Arctic coast in North-Eastern Siberia". Talk at 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, 21-25 August 2017, Interlaken, Switzerland