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Managed spruce forest
Tree Height 24 m

Latitude 50,45
Longitude 11,46
Elevation 781 m a.s.l.


  • Since 2001 until now
  • Eddy covariance
  • Meteorology
  • Sap flow
  • Tree growth
  • Tree temperature
  • Advex Experiment 2006
  • Second Eddy-tower from April 2006 until July 2012


Description, History

The station was built in 2001 and is located at a managed Norway spruce pure plantation, in the so called Schiefergebirge a part of the Thuringian Forest.

Energy is provided by a 230 V power line from near the Altvaterturm.

At the measuring point is an aluminium tower from the German Military (1,8 m x 1,37 m x 1,83 m). It is 30 m high and towers 8 m above the treetops.

In 2005 the station was part of the Advex-Experiment, because Advection has great influence of the right estimates of CO2 fluxes, especially at night and the aim of the experiment was to find an alternative for correcting nighttime Eddy-covariance (EC) measurements and derived CO2 budgets.

The second Eddy-tower, which was built up from April 2006 until July 2012, served to investigate the influence of the highly variable topography.

Variables & Instruments


  • Eddy covariance - CO2, water vapor, momentum, heat (Gill R3, LI6262)
  • Profile at 9 heights - CO2 (LI610)


  • Wind velocity and wind direction - 2D-ultrasonic-anemometer, Thies
  • Air pressure - pressure transmitter PTB101B, Vaisala
  • Air temperature and humidity - temperature-humidity-sensor KPC1_5-ME, Mela
  • Air temperature - ventilated thermometer Frankenberger, Friedrichs
  • Precipitation - heated tipping bucket rain gauge, Thies
  • Solar radiation - net radiometer CNR1, Kipp & Zonen
  • Terrestrial radiation - net radiometer CNR1, Kipp & Zonen
  • Photosynthetically active radiation - PAR sensor PAR Lite, Kipp & Zonen
  • Global & diffuse radiation and sunshine duration - sunshine pyranometer SPN1, Kipp & Zonen
  • Surface temperature - infrared thermometer KT15, Heitronics

Soil conditions

  • Soil temperature in 2 profiles - soil temperature sensors PT100, home-made
  • Soil moisture in 6 positions - soil moisture probes ML-2x, Delta-T
  • Soil heat flux in 5 locations - soil heat flux plates HP3/CN3, Rimco

Tree conditions

  • Tree trunk temperature in different depths - temperature sensors NTC, Campbell scientific
  • Tree growth - band dentrometer
  • Sap flow

Data acquisition

  • Meteorological data - datalogger CR23X, Campbell Scientific
  • CO2 profile data - datalogger CR10X, Campbell Scientific
  • Flux data - notebook
  • Vegetation - digital camera


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