Field Experiments & Instrumentation / Workshops                    --- Making Things Happen ---     

Tasks and Activities of Field Experiments and Instrumentation

  • Preliminary discussions of projects and investigations within the scope of field experimental work together with the principal investigators
  • Design and development of stationary and mobile (ground based and airborne) measurement systems for trace gases (mainly CO2 and CH4) and meteorological variables
  • Design and development of mobile (ground based and airborne) air sampling systems
  • Design and assembly of extensive site installations (towers of up to 50m height) to measure turbulent exchange of trace gases (mainly CO2 and CH4), of water and heat and to measure associated environmental variables
  • Design and assembly of power supply systems for site installations
  • Preparation, organisation and performance of measurement campaigns and expeditions
  • Involvement in site selection of investigation areas
  • Selecting and purchasing of sensors, instruments and equipment or providing advice on purchase options
  • Maintenance and repair of sensors, instruments, equipment and site installations
  • Calibration, test and inter-comparison of sensors and instruments
  • Development of software for acquisition, processing, analysis and quality check of measured data
  • Data archiving on the institute data base for ease of user access
  • Giving advice within the scope of measurement and sampling techniques for realising experimental research activities
  • Plant cultivation in greenhouse and planting patches and control of test series with plants
  • Development of laboratory measuring equipment, open to manipulate atmospheric and ground variables such as humidity and temperature
  • Development and construction of a gas mixing unit
  • Design and assembly of extensive laboratory installations, such as the establishing of an Isotopic labelling unit