Extreme Events and Environments - from climate to Society (E3S)

3. März 2015
Climatic extremes are likely to increase in the future and will affect ecosystem functions and services. Increasingly, a distinction is made between the possible impact of changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme events (droughts, flood, heat and cold waves, insect outbreaks, etc.), and changes in the mean climate that possibly lead to climates with more extreme environmental conditions.

In extreme environments, such changes can expose new resources for human exploitation with implications for productivity, and sustainability of fragile environments. Both, changes in climate extremes, and climate change leading to new extreme environments, pose distinct challenges for research as well as for society as a whole.

The project Extreme Events and Environments from climate to Society (E3S) is one of eight newly launched Future Earth initiatives to support global sustainable development. The project is scientifically coordinated and managed at our institute.
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