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Current Projects

  • IAGOS-ERI (In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System -- European Research Infrastructure)
IAGOS-ERI, a preperatory phase infrastructure project funded by the EU, seeks to establish and operate a sustainable distributed infrastructure for longterm observations of atmospheric composition at the global scale from a large fleet of in-service aircraft. Our role is the integration of CO2 and CH4 instrumentation with high precision and fast response for integration onboard commercial airliners.
Flights during 2007 with MetAir Dimona (selected photos April 2007, May-June 2005)
A collaboration with Russian and French colleagues.
Large scale transects over Siberia with the "Flying Laboratory" Antonov 30 operated by the Institute of Atmospheric Optics (IAO) in Tomks. Our role will be flask sampling with subsequent analysis for CO2, 13CO2, C18O2, CO, CH4, SF6, H2, N2O and the ratio O2/N2.
  • BARCA (Balanco Atmosferico Regional de Carbono na Amazonia)
BARCA is a collaboration with University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), CPTEC at INPE (Brazil), Harvard University, NOAA CMDL, and MPI for Chemistry (Mainz).
BARCA Information for participants
  • ICON
Development of an airborne In-situ Capability for O2/N2 measurements. The method will be VUV absorption, based on the development by Britt Stephens from NCAR.

Past projects (as member of the Wofsy group at Harvard)

  • COBRA (1999, 2000) [Page Link, data link]
  • COBRA-NACP (2003) , for data access please contact]
  • COBRA-Maine (2004) (Page Link, for data access please contact
  • Pre AVE (2004) [Page Link]
  • Crystal Face (2002) (Page Link)
  • SOLVE (1999-2000) (Page Link)
  • IAGOS (Integration of routine Aircraft measurements into a Global Observing System)
IAGOS is an EU funded Design Study for New Infrastructure, targeted at observations of atmospheric composition and aerosols. Our role is the development of a prototype CO2 instrument with high precision and fast response for integration onboard commercial airliners.

Past EU projects (when I was at Research Centre Juelich in the Institute for Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere)

  • OCTA (Oxidizing Capacity of the Tropospheric Atmosphere) 1994-1996 This project lead to the development of the VUV CO instrument, now available from Aero-Laser
  • TACIA (Testing Atmospheric Chemistry in Anticyclones) 1996-1998
  • MAXOX (Maximum oxidation rates in the free troposphere) 1998-2000
  • ACE-2 (Aerosol Characterization Experiment) 1997-1999
  • ACSOE (Atmospheric Chemistry Studies in the Oceanic Environment) 1995-2000
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