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Longterm observations

DatasetTime periodSpatial coverContact
Tree ring width   
Numbers of tree rings   
Tree ring 14C   
Tree mortality rate   
Crop yield   
Soil moisture2001-200216 stations, 3 depthssite PI
Soil moisture2000-20050.5 deg globalDe Jeu
Land coverseveralseveralMartin Jung, Christian Beer
fAPAR1989-2007; 2000-2003Europe, 1km to 0.5degMartin Jung, Christian Beer
LAI2000-2003Europe 1kmChristian Beer
LAI1973-20082 stationssite PI
Vegetation C stocks1961-200825 stationssite PI
Soil C stocks profile2003-200813 stationsMarion Schrumpf
Soil texture profile2003-200813 stationsMarion Schrumpf
NEE (eddy covariance)1996-200943 stationsDario Papale, site PI
NEE (inversions)1996-20095x3.75 deg globalPhilippe Peylin, Christian Roedenbeck
GPP (flux partitioning)1996-200943 stationsMarkus Reichstein, site PI
Soil respiration (chambers) Catchment area 
atm. CO2 Catchment area 
river DOC ~0.1 to ~2 deg 
climate fields