Currently Out of order

Due to maintenance problems, this service is currently out of order, and will be discontinued soon.

Please, see the more recent REddyProc-based online service at

The new tool supports the same funtionalitiy as this tool, unless the Lasslop Day-Time flux partitioning, which will be supported soon.

Input form for online-processing of eddy data:
Gap-Filling (GF) and FluxPartitioning (FP)

Please specify the file you want to upload for processing, provide the time format you are using, the year of the data set (if not included in the time format), the delimiter for separating the columns and what kind of processing you want to perform.

Data File Location:
Time Format:
GF with Uncertainties? :
u*-Filtering before GF? :
Standard FP? :
GL2010 FP? :
Temperature Variable used for FP? : Tair or Tsoil
Latitude: e.g., 51.0
Email Address: